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Here is one I was lucky to grab in February near Vaseux Lake. There appears to be a resident Golden Eagle that works the bluffs periodically and I wonder if the range includes one I saw in OK Falls...
Photos are tough as they are at a tremendous distance although we had one fly by close, at eye level, two years ago although I wasn't ready for a photo...


Pickins' are still a bit slim here in the Okanagan but I managed a few of some Mountain Chickadees up the hill from Vaseux Lake.
Ian, wow! Great photos ... nice additions early ... I like your foggy bird, Zach. haha.
I'm going to go with "Sharp-shinned Hawk" above and we can add another Cooper's/Sharp-shinned Hawk later. haha.

Pat, I see you had the House Finch already ... but I was able to get a fuzzy pic of both in one shot!

And speaking of fuzzy pictures ... here's an American Three-toed Woodpecker (up near Telemark Cross-country Ski Area in West Kelowna). If someone get's a nicer picture, we can swap it out!

To make up for the two fuzzy pictures, here's a Red Crossbill - male. Taken in Knox Mountain Park, Kelowna.

Red Crossbill - female.

And ... for Judy ... both in one shot! :D

Happy Bird Stuff!
Wow, oh wow Zach that Northern Goshawk is stunning.
And not too shabby on the Roughed Grouse and Western Meadowlark Ian.
As for the Red Crossbills - well I still haven’t seen one so I’m officially jealous of yours James :D.
I’m looking forward to getting out now that we have more daylight - if it would just stop raining for longer than 5 minutes and on 1 of my days off.
LOL, Pat, nice one! It's on the list! I had a little drive around yesterday and saw a couple of new ones for the list:
1. Say's Phoebe ... Trader's Cove Regional Park ... on Westside Road north of West Kelowna.


2. Western Bluebird ... same locale as above. There were so many bugs out it's no wonder they were there!


Each photo is the same bird twice ... not sure on Male/Female. lol.
Judy -- Come to Kelowna for a visit and we might find the Pygmy Nuthatch AND the Red Crossbill for you!
Happy Bird Looking!
Happy St Paddy's Day!
I updated the list ... we are at 88 birds ... I added the American Tree Sparrow, Zach. Also, we didn't have the Goshawk last year ... nice one! Not sure we had the Golden Eagle last year either ... nice Ian!
Excellent work, so far, everyone!

Here's a link to the current list: viewtopic.php?p=91241#p91241
Steely wrote: Jan 09 10:12 am It's going to be a great year ahead, I can feel it.
Got out on New Year's Day and got a Chukar in the snow. It was one of three we saw together. Two days later we found another two Chukar not far from the first! Four in ten years... the five in three days! We managed a Northern Shrike, Downey Woodpecker and a Short-eared Owl over the following days...
Look forward to contributing more this year. Great start guys with some nice first entries!

Well, one's better than none! From the patio this afternoon - a female Downy Woodpecker. The male was around too but he was being camera shy - I'll get him sooner or later.

ImageDowny Woodpecker (Female) by Jewill on Flickr

Happy Spring everyone (finally) and let's hope the end is near...for Covid that is.
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