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Male Red-Breasted Merganser at Jack Point, Nanaimo. It is looking for fish, but seems to be looking for danger also. Lots of birds at Jack Point this day, including about 40 Mallards a few hundred meters out. I think because the lakes are still frozen.
Gadwall with Ring-Necked Ducks in Hemer Park, Nanaimo.
The ducks always go to the middle of the lake when someone is near. Finally, I had the patience to wait behind some reeds.
Brandt Geese at Rathtrevor Beach, Parksville, Vancouver Island.
First they are feeding, then becoming alarmed at people walking directly towards them. The last scene, unfortunately, is of them flying off down the beach after some walkers got very close.
Golden-Crowned Sparrows at Buttertubs Marsh.
The Ruby-Crowned Kinglets would not stay still, but these sparrows were much more cooperative. It looks like someone was feeding them.

That's a nice photo of a Fox Sparrow.

2022 BC Birding Photo Challenge! :)


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