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By oldisnew45
what happened to the chickadees? the breeding male abruptly stopped coming to my window feeder may 31st.
I did not change anything.
is this normal? I have lived downtown for 4yrs but only started interacting with birds again, after an 8 yr hiatus, so im unfamiliar with the new paradigm
I also have been for a walk around the area and have not heard the famous near Queen E theatre
By northvanrob
Birds are raising their young now, and have headed into nature where there is plenty of food for the young!

They will be back, but later after they have taught the young how to look after themselves!

Black-capped Chickadee's have a hierarchy, so you may get to meet the young later in the year!
By oldisnew45
I had this fantasy that they were going to bring the babies to my feeder...I just have my timing off.
you have brought me so much relief. thank you
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