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Sparrow Identifcation

Posted: Jul 24 4:15 pm
by NewWestBirder
I was in Kelowna for a few days last week and took this photo of a sparrow in a hillside park just outside of the city. I was seeing Verspers all day, and some House Sparrows, but this bird did not have the same look. I was struck by the black tones of this bird. The Merlin app. suggests this is a Brewers, but if so, it would be outside the range as indicated in the Merlin app. so I am not ready to jump at that conclusion. The poor photo and challenging lighting probably adds to the problem IDing the bird. Finally, there were no bird calls I could use the Merlin audio app to check the ID.
Hope someone has a more definitive opinion.

ImageDSC_4510 (2) by Randy Varga, on Flickr

Re: Sparrow Identifcation

Posted: Aug 01 2:06 pm
by Hawkman1234
Probably just the lighting and maybe a juvvie?But it’s also a Vesper.πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Re: Sparrow Identifcation

Posted: Aug 01 9:29 pm
by NewWestBirder
Appreciate your response Hawkman.