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We have the Pacific-Slope Flycatcher already, but since it has just been discontinued by the ABA, I am pleased to contribute the new Western Flycatcher, combining the best features of the Pacific-Slope and Cordilleran Flycatchers. Seen yesterday ay Nanaimo River Estuary, Maki Rd side.
Image1235_3 (2) by Bill Gyles, on Flickr
Nice warblers, GmCd ... lol--I'm hoping to add a couple of those to my list this year.
Zach--way to go! I'll add that to our Rare list ... that's too funny -- that bird is way out of its range!
Bill -- thanks for keeping us in line with our birds ... I will now add the Western Flycatcher to the list.
Excellent work, everyone. I just saw a Black-chinned Hummingbird at my feeder, but no camera! Argh. Isn't that usually the case?!
We are at 184 birds ... here's the link to the new list:
By jewill
Finally, I have an addition to the list. It's not for lack of trying - Summer seems to be very slow for birding and the ones you do find are quite often not looking their best. Today was the 1st time this year I located the Green Heron at Brydon Lagoon and even though it's a really bad picture I thought I'd better post it in case it's the only chance I get. If someone gets a better one by all means please post it.

ImageGreen Heron by Jewill on Flickr

I'm glad you got the Indigo Bunting Zac...I've tried a couple of times with no luck.
Randy, your trip to the OK sure paid off big time...congratulations on all of your finds.
The latest additions have all been stunning but, as with every year, I have to comment on "my" bird, the Williamson's Sapsucker by Steely (Ian). I would love to see one but, since I'm not big on travelling, it's not likely that one will show up down here (you never know - we've had some pretty rare birds make an appearance, so maybe).
It has been a strange birding year, for sure, Judy! But glad to see we have folks out adding to our list! Adam--that Tufted Puffin! Awesome! Judy, I like your Green Heron ... and compared to the photos I'm about to post, it is a great picture. haha.

That said, I went to Conkle Lake Provincial Park earlier this week for a couple of days of camping. My intention was to see if I could see some birds and then shoot the Milky Way. The first night I had my camera set up for Night Photography and what should appear? Common Nighthawks, a Poor-will, Turkey Vultures, and a Barred Owl. lol. The next night I took my telephoto lens along and was able to get at least the Vulture and the Nighthawk!
Turkey Vulture.
Common Nighthawk.
(haha, see what I mean? I call them Sasquatch Photos ... if anyone captures better pictures, please post!)

On our way back to Kelowna, we stopped at the Kettle River Provincial Park--almost a guaranteed locale for the Lewis Woodpecker -- we saw them -- I just don't have the best telephoto lens for capturing long shots (or it's operator error. haha).

Here are two pictures as proof that I saw them (again, better photos requested!)

Oh, and the stargazing is stunning at Conkle Lake!
By jewill
Hi James,
“Sasquatch Photos” :lol:
With views like that at Conkle Lake you should go for the Perseid Meteor Shower which reaches its peak on the night of August 12-13. 100’s of meteors, or shooting stars, every hour.
lol, Judy -- wait until you see these photos! I was hiking along the Okanagan Rail Trail from Kekuli Bay Provincial Park and saw some White-throated Swifts swooping in and out against the cliff face over the lake. Here are four pictures of my attempts to capture them on my Panasonic Lumix Camera ...
Here are two in the lower right-hand corner of this image:

And cropped in:

Trying against the cliff face:

Cropped in:

haha. It counts -- but I'll see if I can get a better picture before they depart.
At least I got a nice picture of this Calliope Hummingbird female at the house (Still trying to snap the photo of the Black-chinned that's been hanging around!)

"enjoy!" :D
By zwest
Awesome work James! Great Milky Way shot.

You might already know this, but the two little pink patches just below center are known as the Eagle and Swan Nebula... so a couple more birds there. :lol:

I just spent a few nights working on this one:


North America and... Pelican Nebula!

So that's 3 space birds... do we need another list? :mrgreen:
hahaha. Maybe we do! Really like that shot ... I did Orion's Nebula as well ... but don't want to contaminate our "bird nebula" list. Where is that Pelican Nebula in the Sky?
By zwest
stumblingpiper wrote: Jul 21 10:05 pm hahaha. Maybe we do! Really like that shot ... I did Orion's Nebula as well ... but don't want to contaminate our "bird nebula" list. Where is that Pelican Nebula in the Sky?
It’s in Cygnus, high overhead during the summer. It’s very dim though; you can’t really see it without long exposures.
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