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Judy -- I am jealous of your backyard! lol. Nice shots ... I still have never seen a Bushtit ... it's on my to do list this year!
Great work Randy and Pat ... love that Pintail picture ... so crisp!

I was able to get a better image of the Bohemian Waxwing ... such a lovely bird (in my Backyard, Judy!) :D
Randy, I think if you look up the definition of "Avid Birder," you might not find my name there. Apparently, it was identified on the 10th of January and my wife told me about it yesterday. hahaha. I thought about looking for it .... then I decided I'd wait until it passed through my yard, and I'd get a picture. lol.
(I'm still working on a Snow Bunting ... )
Glad to see you back, Zach! Nice photo of a Varied Thrush, Pat -- matches the one Judy posted. lol

Here's a Dark-eyed Junco -- they lurk around the backyard here in Kelowna, but the weather hasn't been great for good pictures.
By jewill
Smithers wrote: Jan 24 8:21 am Ooooops! Apologies for the extra Varied Thrush submission!

I think your VATH just might be a female, or it could be a juvenile male, but let’s go with the female because mine is definitely a male (with the solid black breast band). Now we have the set - male & female.
I’m also thinking that you are correct with your goldeneye photo - a juvenile male.
That’s enough thinking for me today :wink:. I need a coffee!
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