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By Birder Girl
I am in the process of upgrading my bins. Based on price and the online reviews I've found I've narrowed it down to the Swarovski EL or the Leica Ultravid HD Plus, probably in 10x42 as that's what I've currently got but maybe 8x. The issue is that I can't find anywhere in BC that actually stocks these. I'd really love to be able to hold them and look through them for at least a few minutes before spending that sort of cash. I'm wondering if there is anyone on the south island, or southern gulf islands, or maybe the Delta area that has either of these bins and would be willing to meet up and let me look through them? I'm in Sidney but can drive to meet you.
By northvanrob
I found you can buy Swarovski EL at the Italian Sporting Goods

804 Renfrew St Vancouver, BC ... acturer=49

For Leica Ultravid HD 10x42 Binoculars ... binoculars

You can buy at

Markarian Fine Optics
1481 Kingsway
Vancouver British Columbia V5N 2R6
By Birder Girl
Markarian hadn't popped up in my search for some reason. I've sent them a message to see if they have them in stock or not.

I hadn't considered going to Italian Sporting Goods as they seem to only carry the range finder and "tracking assist" versions. I am not clear if the feel and optics are the same as the non-range finder/non-tracking assist version?
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