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By bluejay
Hello All, this is my first post here and my very first foray into the world of birding. We have a junco that has been tapping on our patio sliding glass door every day for over a week now. He goes to the same spot, behind a flower pot in the lower right corner of the glass and hits his beak against it for up to 30 seconds at a time. He usually flits around a bit and returns a few seconds later. Today we saw and heard him do this four times. He was also singing quite loudly the last time.
Although I left some seeds out for him, he didn't show any interest in them that I could see. Can anyone explain his behaviour?
By bluejay
Fascinating, thank you!
I just discovered a beautiful nest with eggs in a hanging flower pot two steps away. I've seen both male and female hanging around. One was sitting on the eggs and flew off when I pointed my phone camera at it. But they're back now.


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