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Gull or Tern (with photos this time!)

Posted: Sep 09 10:30 am
by Tufftie

Hiya, we are based in the UK so not sure about some of your species! This was over a lake which was just on the BC side of the Rockies. It was taken on 19th June - taken me a while to start looking at photos. We both thought it was a tern due to the bill and from what one can see of the head markings perhaps a non-breeding Caspian Tern. Then somebody said that for the same reasons they thought it was a Bonapate's Gull. When it was flying over the lake it was lookingdwon as if to fish but just flew over and away. They are distant and heavily cropped photos as there was no time other than to point and click! we'd appreciate any input into it's ID - thank you :)

p.s. Reposted as no photos in first post and couldn't find a way to edit or delete. I'm not sure why the photos didn't load before and I am still struggling so i have shared the links via url share codes.

Re: Gull or Tern (with photos this time!)

Posted: Sep 11 4:43 pm
by phainopepla6
this looks good for a Bonaparte's gull