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Last year one of our group reminded us that the Northwestern Crow designation was no more. This decision made by the American Ornithological Society back in June of 2020. Apparently, if my reading is correct, any differences between American and Northwestern Crows that might have existed back in the dawn of time have ceased to exist due to both groups not caring who they are having sex with! :lol: I was thinking of this, as I note we have posted a Northwestern Crow in our group photos. Not sure if we want to abide by the AOS decision, or remain west coast rebels and hang on to our Northwestern Crow. It was/is, after all, our only claim to fame re an exclusive bird.
From Blackie Spit today.

Some may say that the male in this photo is a hybrid Eurasian x American Wigeon (note the green around the eye). I'm not entirely convinced of this; I think it's just a colour variation and not a true hybrid. I may be wrong and I'm certainly open to opinions.

ImageEurasian Wigeon (Male & Female) by Jewill on Flickr

But just for good measure...a "pure" Eurasian Wigeon (Male)

ImageEurasian Wigeon (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

And, someone had to add the good old pigeon to the list. This is just after he/she had a vigorous feather fluff or rouse, to use the proper term.

ImageRock Pigeon by Jewill on Flickr
Another spectacular day down here on the South Coast so I decided to visit the pier at White Rock (note to self: make sure to check the tide tables before you go to the ocean - the birds are much closer when the tide is in as opposed to when it is out, as in these pictures, except for the Scaup - he was close to the pier).

This is debatable as to whether it's a Greater or Lesser Scaup. I'm going with GRSC mainly because of the salt water location and the large wide bill. I'm open to correction though.

ImageGreater Scaup (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

A White-winged Scoter sandwich!

ImageWhite-winged Scoter (Male & Female) by Jewill on Flickr

Horned Grebe in winter plumage - someone please post a pic of one in it's full breeding plumage when available.

ImageHorned Grebe by Jewill on Flickr

Only the male this time; I'll try for both on my next visit.

ImageSurf Scoter (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

And another one that's in winter plumage - we need a breeding plumage photo when available.

ImageCommon Loon by Jewill on Flickr
A beautiful sunny morning on the West Dyke in Richmond. Some good photo opportunities were had for the Short Eared Owl who perched 10 meters away from the path on a root stump providing some good shots. A few Thousand Snow Geese came for a visit, and the motley crew of adult and juvenile Bald Eagles practiced their Border Collie routines on the flock. A few Northern Harriers popping up including a nice male Harrier, unfortunately he stayed fairly far off so I got this record shot so we can add the male Northern Harrier to the list:

ImageMale Northern Harrier by GMcD2008, on Flickr
I recently added a small tube style feeder and filled it with shelled sunflower seeds to see if it would attract any different bird species. All of a sudden I got Pine Siskin, American Goldfinch and a couple of House Finch, all of which I had seen before but not in any significant numbers. They consumed a 5 lb bag of seed in 4 days! I guess they didn't like what I had on the menu before. I hope to see other species as the weather improves.

ImagePine Siskin by Jewill on Flickr
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