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We first saw 2 outside my parents house in Westmount (kamloops) a couple years ago and since then they have about 6 or so that are always there... My fiance and I moved into our house in Westsyde in April and we have seen about 5 or 6 in the tree outside our bedroom window.
There are a pair of Eurasian Collarded Doves living on Orchard Drive and the nearby part of Marshall Road in Abbotsford for well over a year now.....I see them constantly.
I saw three at Winter Harbour up at the north end of Vancouver Island at the end of June. I was surprised when I got a good look at them as I had thought I had glimpsed Band Tailed Pigeons earlier. They were there a year earlier as well.
We have recently had a Eurasian collared dove come to our yard in Cranbrook - he is a lovely looking bloke! Never have seen the likes of this bird in our community before.
I have a pair at my feeder in Mcleese Lake and a friend has at least 12 birds that come to his farm in Quesnel..They have been here for at least 10 years in the cariboo. From Florida to BC that's a long flight and well established for a exotic species..I was at a Goshawk nest here several years ago and the male brought a ECD to the nest..In the middle of no where..

Has anyone seen any EC doves with leg bands on them? A mourning dove came to my feeders last year and it had a leg band??? just wondering.

I always look for bands on birds as I use to trap and band raptors years ago..

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