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I live in Kamloops and we had Eurasian Collared Doves for the first time on our Christmas bird count this year. There has been sightings around town and in outlining areas recently.
Eurasian Collared Doves have now been seen in most corners of BC. In most of the Province they are still fairly rare, but there is no doubt that numbers are increasing.

On the coast, they have been found breeding on the east coast of Vancouver island, the Sunshine Coast, and the Lower Mainland in small numbers.

In the interior, they have been nesting in the Cawston area for years, and have recently expanded into the Okanagan Valley. I found a nest near the Kamloops airport last spring.

It's well established that many of these birds are the results of accidental or intentional releases by aviculturists. Virtually all of the "hotspots" on Vancouver Island, and some of the ones on the mainland and the interior, have been traced back to releases. However, it's also apparent that the species in general is expanding on it's own, and many of the birds in BC probably did get here on their own.
I should also add that hybrids with Ringed Turtle-Doves, or Eurasian Collared-Doves displaying some traits of Ringed Turtle-Doves, are also being seen all over BC as well. This is due to avicultarists mixing them intentionally to increase breeding success, and then losing the birds.
There's a theory saying that a pet store owner in the Bahamas had ordered ringed turtle doves for his business, and that all or some of the birds were collared doves," then "For whatever the reason, those birds were released into the wild.
they arrived in Florida from the Bahamas in 1980, and they have now spread into New England ... and west to Washington state and British Columbia. And they're turning up everywhere in between.
Don't know if it's true or not, but some experts said that their population might be a threat for the population of mourning doves.
Have been very curious about the bird I have been hearing and sometimes seeing around my house for past two weeks. I figured it was some kind of dove. coo COO coo, coo COO coo. I believe it is an Eurasian Collared Dove and he/she seems to be alone. Is it normal for this kind of bird to be alone? At first I thought maybe it had escaped from someone's home and was lonely or at least was calling for some friends. I have never seen this kind of bird in my area of Richmond before.
They're all over southern Vancouver Island, what shocked me most was finding some in the town of Manning Alberta which is far north. All my guides show their range creeping into Southern Canada but I found 4 very healthy looking individuals in Northern Alberta.
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