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Victoria Rare Bird Alert Transcript

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- 250-704-2555
* British Columbia
* Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Is.
* September 30, 2014
* BCVI140930

This is the Victoria Natural History Society's Bird Alert for Tuesday,
September 30, 9:00 PM update.


This will be the final update of the Victoria RBA. The majority of the
information on the RBA is obtained from the Yahoo Group called BCVIBIRDS
and from E-bird. If you have been relying on the Victoria RBA for bird
sightings, you may wish to contact a birding friend with the Internet to
let you know of any rare birds that are mentioned on these sites. Field
trip information will continue to be available on the VNHS web site. If
there are members who would like assistance to access the birding web sites
mentioned above, please contact any VNHS board member by the end of the
month and an information session will be organized in October. Rare birds
can continue to be reported on the VNHS web site.

Tuesday, September 30
- An immature Franklin's Gull was seen again in the evening near th e bridge
at Esquimalt Lagoon
- A Broad-winged Hawk and immature Northern Goshawk were seen with 675
Turkey Vulture at the Beechy Head hawk watch site in East Sooke park. An
adult Broad-winged Hawk was seen over the Aylard Farm area at East Sooke

Monday, September 29
- A Franklin's Gull was observed in the morning near the bridge at
Esquimalt lagoon
- The Brambling was seen again and photographed on Mount Tolmie. The bird
was seen in the rocky area west of Mayfair Road and south of Glastonbury
Road. It was seen with Dark-eyed Junco.

Sunday, September 28
- A total of 530 Greater White-fronted Goose, in several flocks, were seen
flying low over the McIntyre Road area near Island View Road. They were
also reported from other areas around Victoria.

Saturday, September 27
- A Brown Pelican was seen and photographed off Willows Beach in Oak Bay
and was seen again on the Chain Islands
- A Vesper Sparrow was in the poplar hedgerow south of the pig farm on
Lochside Drive in the Martindale area
- 5 Marbled Godwit were observed on the sandbars off Witty's Lagoo n
Regional Park.
- A Red Knot was at the foot of Bowker Ave

Friday, September 26
- 8 Brown Pelican were seen flying eastward offshore from the Shirley area
west of Sooke

Tuesday, September 23
- 2 Red Knot were at the foot of Bowker Ave in the morning. One was seen
later in the morning at Cattle Point
- 3 Cassin's Auklet were reported in the waters off Albert Head Re gional
- 2 Eared Grebe were with Horned Grebe off the waterfront in Cordova Bay


Mike McGrenere
Victoria, BC


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