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By BirdingBC


Sorry, you can't upload your photos to this website. No member bird photos are stored here and all member photos are hosted else ware and 'shared' to these forums. This way, you always maintain control of your photos and they never become property of this website.

In order to share a photo, you will have to first upload it to a photo hosting service such as,, Many members on this website use Flickr.

Follow the instructions at the photo hosting service on how to create an account and upload photos.


Once your photo is uploaded to a photo hosting provider, you can now share it and add it to your forum posting. In order to have the image appear in the posting, you will need the exact URL for the image rather then the page it lives on.

Many hosting providers have instructions on how to share a photo. What we need is the direct URL to the image by itself, and not the image inside a web page. Flickr provied the BBCode via their share photo button. BBCode is what we use here.

For other photo sharing services, look for the 'share' button. You can also browse to the page with the image on it then "right-click" and select "view image". This should give you only the image and the exact URL for the image in your web browser address bar.

COPY that exact URL.

Example (photo has been uploaded to ... 1b.jpg?v=0

Now, take off the "?v=0" part. This is a parameter that only Flickr needs and we don't need them. "?" means hook, and we don't need the question mark and everything else past that point. ... 27891b.jpg

Now, paste the URL into your forum posting, select it, and then hit the Img button in the posting toolbar.

Code looks like this
{img} ... b.jpg{/img}
(NOTE: the brackets have been changed from [ to be { to illustrate.)

Here is the result:
Photo Credit to Tony Markle

Good luck posting images.
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By BirdingBC

We need to be mindful on posting images that we do not own. Each photographer on the Internet has different requirements IF they allow reposting of their photographs else ware.

To avoid any copyright issues or disputes, I recommend simply providing links to copyright protected images rather then including them here. The general rule is "If you don't own it or don't have clearance to use it, please don't post it."
By shiprock
Hi, Canoegirl

I think you have the HTML phraseology slightly incorrect.
It should read as follows:


alltogether in an unbroken sequence. You have it
in a broken sequence, probably the keystroke for a
space, or a line-break, in the sequence. But importantly
the parentheses you use are the square ones. I have
to use the round ones for purposes of this message -
otherwise the HTML, given the instructions to show
an image, tries to do just that.

In other words, it may be easier to understand if
I say it this way - the URL (the image's URL) is
to be enclosed by [img]...[/img], and here I replace
the URL with ...

Further, if you paste the URL into the message where
you want the image to appear, it is easiest to place the
two parenthetical expressions around the URL as follows:

firstly, select the entire URL by highlighting it,

and secondly, clicking on the toolbox
item labelled "Img" in the dialogue box that you use
for typing up your message.

Then continue typing the message, if you want the
image to appear with part of the message above it
and the remaining part below.

By shiprock
I had a lot of trouble when I started; don't despair.

1. Log in to Flickr
2. Click once on "Your Photostream"
3. Click once on the photo you want to post; then click once on "All Sizes"
4. Scroll down; "grab the photo's URL" by highlighting the contents of that
box (the second of the two); then right click on the highlighted URL and
copy to clipboard
5. Minimize Flickr
6. Open BC Birding; log in
7. Open "New Topic" (or contribute to an existing topic, as you wish)
8. Type some description or comment
9. Position cursor at the point in the text where you want the photo to be
and right click at that point and "Paste" the URL from clipboard
The URL should appear at this point
10. Now select the URL by highlighting
11. Click once on the [img] icon in the tool box
The URL should now be enclosed by these HTML codes for 'image'
12. SAVE

This should do it. I hope this helps. Cheers.
By 11111111
Another thing you may want to watch out for is, when you type in [img] and paste the corresponding photo link in between the brackets, sometimes there is a gap between the 1st bracket and the address, and this wont allow the photo to be seen.
[img] http093…. (delete the gap)
should look like this
By Slabs
Years ago when I started participating on forums I started out using Shaw Photoshare for hosting forum photographs. I later switched to Picasa as that was a lot more user friendly. Over time this has morphed into Google +/ Google Photos. I have struggled mightily to figure out how to post images form this Google + and in despair went back to Photoshare. Until I got a notice yesterday that Shaw will be shutting down this service as of March 2017.

Back to the drawing board!

With Google+, using the "Get link" option does not work, neither does using the URL when you open the image itself. So I searched and fiddled some more until: Eureka!!!! I have it! In Chrome you right click on the image and click on "Copy image address" and paste that between the img brackets:


I am a happy camper again!
BirdingBC wrote:
Jan 08 7:59 pm


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