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Hello, all. I went to Iona Beach today at around 11:00 A.M. and dropped by the south outer pond viewing deck. There was a small bird (I would say sparrow-like) flitting around the marshes briefly with a few Song Sparrows which I am unsure of. It has a brown body with prominent white patches on its head and shoulders, and has a small orange/tan beak. Attached are several shoddy photographs I managed to get before it flew deeper into the reeds. Thanks in advance. ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/
Oh boy, that’s a difficult one (and that is not a dig at your photos; we’ve all been there - you see something moving in the reeds so you fire off as many pics as you can and hope for the best). The best guess I have is a Fox Sparrow but it still doesn’t look completely right for that (perhaps a bit a leucism on the wing and head?).
I’d be interested to hear what others have to say
I concur. The colour and shape are about right for fox sparrow. There is also a hint of yellow in the lower mandible. Looks like a leucistic fox sparrow. Also noticed this bird has been banded so maybe there is a clear photo in a banding record somewhere.

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