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By Agazir
I currently shoot with a Canon 7D MII + Canon 100-400. At full extension with the sensor, that's an equivalent to 640 mm.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a Canon 1.4x extender. Advantage I'd be playing with nearly 900 mm equivalent. Disadvantage, slower autofocus which is a problem with birds in flight. And losing a few f-stops. At nearly US$500, my brain tells me it's not worth it. My heart tells me I might catch better closer up shots of birds.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Pros? Cons? Have you used something like that setup? Suggestions for alternatives?

Thank you
By zwest
In most cases with a zoom lens it’s probably not worth it, but maybe occasionally (for example getting an ID shot of a distant seabird) it could come in handy. I would look for a used one personally - $500 is a lot for something that will be impractical 99% of the time.

Unless you plan to buy a prime lens, of course, then the TC will be used lots...
By Robert
You'll lose some focus points with the extender - only center point for cross focus. Otherwise it works pretty good as optics only degrade a bit and the stabilization of the lens is very good.
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